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We deliver materials ordered by the customer to your home address!


We are offering the services of armature processing of all sizes, including the cutting to the desired measurements. We can also deliver the armature to your construction site.

Armature mesh

We are selling a great amount of armature mesh in different sizes and thicknesses.

Bulk construction material

Our warehouse is always stocked up with gravel, yellow sand, Danube sand, breakstone and other kinds of bulk construction material.

Fert beams

Fert beams are used for developing the construction between two floors. They are produced according to the customer's specification or sold from our warehouse.

Fine construction material

Styrofoam and complete offering for the making of demit facade. We are also selling the complete Sika assortment.

Rough construction material

Cement, burnt lime, lime powder, blocks, fert beams 14 and 16, bricks, Ytong blocks, nails, OSB panels, boards, laths, fences, roof foils and all kinds of rooftops (Nexe, Tondach, Azzuro) and Shide